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Doug, Susan, Mark, Sharon around 1970.


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Susan, Stu, Mark, Kathy, Doug, Sharon 2006.

Are you ready to go yet? Are you ready to go yet?
1994 Mom
2013 Son

Welcome To Our Place
This web site was created to give members of the Otoupal family a place to gather and view information pertaining to our extended family. We are very interested in adding information about the Otoupal family to this site. Give us an email or a call if you have any ideas for us.
CLICK HERE if you are looking for Doug Otoupal's web site, (including McNair Kaserne, the 32nd Signal Battalion etc).

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Sharon, Doug, Mark, Susan around 1990.


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Keisha, Jessica, Chelsea, Jeff, Stu, Gage, Annette, Isaac, Peter, Emily 2006.

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