George Francis Otoupal
  1. George Francis OTOUPAL1
  2. Sex:Male
  3. Father:Anton William (Tony) OTOUPAL (12 June 1875 - 24 Dec 1941)
  4. Mother:Mary Ann(e?) PAVEL (10 Mar 1877 - 7 Dec 1951)

  5. Individual Facts
Birth 26 Nov 1905 Butler County, near Bruno, Nebraska1,2
Graduation 1923 (age 18) Ulysses High School, District 27, Ulysses, Nebraska1
Graduation 1926 (age 21) Lincoln Barber College1
Death 22 Nov 1991 (age 85) Fairmont, Nebraska3,4
Occupation   Barber; Surprise and Rising City, Nebraska1
SSN   505-40-7961 (NE)2
Residence   2003 Grant Avenue; York, Nebraska4

Grace Evelyn MOHLER
  • Marriage 14 Sep 1932 (age 26)1
  • Children Stewart James OTOUPAL (23 June 1933 - )
  • Gary Roger OTOUPAL (21 Dec 1938 - )
  • Miles Dwaine OTOUPAL (12 Mar 1943 - )
  • George Merritt OTOUPAL (23 February 1944 - )
  • Helen Cozette CARTER
    Marriage 11 July 1977 (age 71) Puyallup, Washington.1,5

    Notes (Individual)
    : Here is the: "Eulogy for George Francis Otoupal, November 26, 1905 - November 22, 1991 St. Joseph Church, York - November 26, 1991"

    "George was a most fortunate person - his passing appeared to be relatively painless. He didn't complain much about discomfort to the boys and the family - only Cozette really knew the level of his discomfort."

    "Dad was a very lucky man --- during his lifetime he had the unconditional love of two women --- Our mother, Grace, was dedicated to Dad -- Every one who knew Grace admired her for her constancy as a wife and a mother."

    "A professional nurse in the community, she helped her husband through recovery in her last years on earth. Mom came from the Mohler family and Dad liked their values pretty well -- After Mom passed away in 1977, he was lucky to attract the attention of another woman well connected with the Mohler family -- Cozzette Carter Mohler MacDonald --"

    "Like Mom Otoupal, Cozette became a wonderful companion to Dad... Twice widowed, she nursed George through cancer in the early years of their marriage... she laughed at his jokes and enjoyed the entertainment... This was a happy arrangement for both..."

    "he loved her family as much as she loved his family..."

    "George valued family -- his own parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe.. The family consisted of 5 boys and 5 girls... They were farmers from Ulysses... wiped out in the Depression."

    "Dad always spoke with great reverence about his father, Anton, and mother, Mary..... Dad was a great story-teller, a quasi-historian, at family reunions... He provided a few facts about the family -- his sisters would, however fill in the accurate details ---"

    "The three surviving sisters -- Tillie, Eleanor and Sally will tell you George was the brother who got into much trouble as a youngster and yet got out of it because of his wits."

    "George was very proud of his four boys -- he was reasonably braggadocio about our high school athletic success -- he was also pleased that the four of us would serve Mass at St. Joe's on Mothers Day (that was HIS idea -- though it probably was Mom's -- but then she probably let him have the credit for the idea!)"

    "He was but one of many proud parents who walked the sidelines of football games... a favorite companion of Dad's at our game was George Cuda... Together, George and George earned the reputation as the "Gold Dust Twins"."

    "Dad was always supportive of us boys -- he could recall how well Stu played in '49 and '50 against Hartington and McCool... he though Gary beat Gresham in '55 and '56 single handedly... he remembered Merritt and I playing together, and while we had some very talented team mates, George usually recalled only our tackles (mostly Merritt's), touch-downs -- passing and running."

    "George was know to a few people in his neighborhood as the "Mayor of North York"-- his true political aspirations were fulfilled by encouraging us to vote for the Democratic candidates... I'm sure he has a great sense of satisfaction-- having died on the same date JFK was called home... November 22."

    "George loved his grandchildren and SOMETIMES called them by their correct names... Most important, his grandchildren loved him-- some of them liked to wear his "hand me down" clothes, shoes, caps..."

    "He liked to collect ball-point pens and old cars (we wish he'd have collected more cars than ball-point pens)..."

    "He was always concerned about having a good hair-cut, and he was rarely late for an appointment -- as a matter of fact, he rarely had appointments -- he liked to be his own boss and set his own schedule..."

    "He had several sayings... one of his favorite sayings was: 'the old dog for the hard road and the puppy for the path' ... meaning children and youth should have life easier than adults ..."

    "While George wouldn't have considered himself a particularly profound person he left us with an underlying legacy, embodied in this saying: 'remember that you are no better than anyone else, and know well that no one is better than you.'"

    "George was a man who had a lot of spunk ... he enjoyed many positive relationships, he loved to tease people; he liked to whistle a lot -- no particular tune, just whistle..."

    "He enjoyed his duties as usher here at St. Joe's ... one of his fellow ushers told us last night at the Rosary that George was certainly ready to 'go'... George had mentioned a couple of years ago that after an evening Mass that he didn't feel real well, and in case George didn't see him again, 'it was nice knowing him'..."

    "Dad enjoyed seeing people celebrate life and special occasions --- I'm sure St. Peter welcomed him with open arms .... I'm sure George would want us to celebrate his arrival home ........."

    (The preceding was George's eulogy at his funeral. It was probably written by his son, Miles Otoupal.)


    George resided in a nursing home at the time of his death (Stu Otoupal).

    Funeral/Burial at St Joseph Catholic Church/Cemetery (NW Section).
    : With his sister, Tillie.
    : George Francis Otoupal was born on 26 November, 1905 in Butler County, Nebraska near Bruno Nebraska. He attended District 27 school in Ulysses, Nebraska and graduated from Ulysses High School in 1923. In high school George was a member of the Ulysses High School football and baseball teams.

    George then moved to Lincoln to attend the Lincoln Business College in 1924-1925. He then attended the Barber College in Lincoln, completing this in 1926. He then returned home to Ulysses and worked as a barber until 1928 when the family made the move York, Nebraska. Here George began work as a poultry and egg buyer and seller in with Sherens Produce in York, Nebraska. He also worked on a survey crew for the State of Nebraska. The past several years he has been an Industrial Supply Salesman traveling to many of the towns around York.

    On 14 September, 1932 Grace Evelyn Mohler became Georges bride. George met Grace at Gillens Bakery where she would often stop. He was working there for $18.00 a week. Together, they raised four boys; Stewart, Gary, Miles and Merritt. Grace died suddenly on 02 March, 1977.

    George was almost as good a storyteller as he was a dancer as he relates some memories. "We had a yellow mule named Jack, that we put a harness on, and led around. He wasn't worth a damn to work.

    "When I was about 12, I was the horse that Ed was driving. At the time Dad was unloading corn and we got close to the action and my foot was caught in the elevator sprocket. Dad cut the shoe off so my foot was freed. The team were the power to unload the ear corn out of the wagon were named Barney and Jess.

    "One hot summer day, when the flies were sticky on the cows, I put Eleanor on the back of one of the cows which took off down the hill brushing Eleanor off with the tree limbs.

    "We had a hired man 'Sthratis', who liked to drink. He slept in the hay mow and had a jug hidden. One day he passed out lying under a big tree so we wrapped binder twine around his ankle then fastened to the tree. We hid by the cob house and threw cobs at him, and yelled to wake him up. He did and started to run after us, then went end over end when he came to the end of the twine. Lots of cussing in our direction!

    "On July 4th, we had a bonfire that we four older kids were jumping over. I was the youngest and landed in the middle of the fire, burning one foot.

    "In our barnyard there was a large granary, and a large hog house, separated by a patch of ground where the hogs would lie. We kids were jumping from the roof of the granary to the hog house roof, and again, I didn't make it. When I landed in the hog yard, it knocked the wind out of me. The other kids drug me into the hog house and ran to call mother."

    George later married Cozette Carter.

    George passed away 22 November, 1991.

    Notes (Family #1)

    Notes (Family #2)

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    Prepared by:
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